“Manuel sings with great range and power”
    -The Boston Globe

“His vocals are right on, emotional without ever being over the top. Manuel’s voice charms and seduces. His range sounds effortless.
    -David Kunian, Gambit Weekly

“The mellifluous vocalist revels in and examines each textual and melodic nuance, like a jeweler examining a fine diamond.”
    -Reuben Jackson, NPR Jazz CD Review

“Phillip is in a class by himself. His original attack is pure delight to fans of ‘no nonsense’ mainstream jazz. Phillip uses his cutting voice like an instrument.”
    -Richard Bourcier, Jazz at a Glance

Manuel sang the wordless melody as if it were a prayer. His ethereal high tones suggested Bobby McFerrin, his sensuous low ones, Billy Eckstine.”
    -The San Francisco Chronicle

“Manuel is a super vocal stylist, turning the upbeat in gymnastic floor exercises and the ballads  (so difficult to sing slowly) into sonic ambrosia.”
    -C. Michael Bailey, AllAboutJazz.Com

“His experience symphony orchestras leads to crisp phrasing and flawless articulation, and his prodigious range doesn’t hurt either.”
-Jonathan Taybak, Offbeat Magazine

“Manuel wields pinpoint accuracy over his instrument.”
    -Keith Spera, The New Orleans Times Picayune

“Phillip’s voice is dramatic and warm, with a lot of soul.”
    -D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

“The perfect display of Manuel’s vocal prowess, showing not only incredible technique but his ability to entrance the listener with his rich inflection.”
    -Mark LaMaire, Offbeat Magazine

“A local treasure!”
    -Eric Paulsen/News Anchor, WWL TV, Channel 4, New Orleans